Security Analytics & Data Privacy

Quickly predict, detect, and prevent threats before your company is impacted. Increase privacy and reduce unnecessary vulnerabilities by keeping sensitive log and machine data within your firewalls.

Keep your infrastructure secure without worrying about sensitive data leaving your perimeter


Intelligently analyze machine-data in real time using unsupervised and supervised machine learning, so your engineers can spend more responding to threats, and less time tuning complex queries and rules.


Secure your sensitive log, audit, and PII data by analyzing and pre-processing prior to leaving your network perimeter. Raw machine data in, anonymized security intelligence and insights out.


Detect and remediate issues in exponentially less time than traditional security and observability platforms currently allow. Real-time alerting (seconds) and Intelligent Summaries provide first-responders the ability to quickly understand threats and solve issues.

“Edge Delta has given us the ability to analyze and monitor sensitive log files containing PII that we otherwise would have had challenges ingesting into our existing third party platform. By analyzing the data locally we’re able to glean the security intel we need without forwarding raw files outside our perimeter.”

– Director InfoSec

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Predictive Analytics

True Real-Time Alerting

Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning

Raw Data and Bandwidth Reduction

Distributed Log Clustering

Data Protection and Privacy

Native Privacy and Data Protection

Intelligent Summaries and Insights

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