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Observability Pipelines and Log Search & Analytics

  • Reduce noise within your log data

  • Process 100% of your log data at the source

  • Automatically capture every anomaly

  • Simplify pipeline workflows

Catch all your favorite summer blockbusters, like Logs (1975)

In the iconic film "Logs," a small coastal city called is thrown into panic when a massive log becomes a relentless menace, terrorizing developers. Chief Ozan Unlu, a data scientist named Fatih Yildiz, and a seasoned anomaly hunter named Galluch join forces to confront this unexpected threat. As the gigantic log continues its deadly assaults, the trio embarks on a dangerous mission to analyze and optimize it, testing their resourcefulness to protect the DevOps community from its ever-expanding presence.

Raiders of the Dropped Logs (1981)

In the classic film "Raiders of the Dropped Logs," renowned archaeologist and adventurer Washington Ozan is tasked with a thrilling mission to find a coveted artifact known as the Lost Log. Set in the 1930s, Ozan embarks on a globetrotting adventure, navigating treacherous databases and ancient observability stacks, all while facing dangerous adversaries in his quest to optimize the Lost Log before it falls into the wrong hands and is indexed in its entirety forever.

S.R.E. (1982)

In the family favorite "S.R.E.," a heartwarming story unfolds as a young engineer named Ozan discovers a stranded site reliability engineer on Earth. While his initial encounter with the S.R.E. is filled with trepidation, Ozan soon develops a profound bond with this otherworldly being. As he assists S.R.E. in navigating the complexities of her data, S.R.E. becomes determined to simplify her observability pipeline workflows. Together, they embark on a touching adventure, overcoming obstacles and forming unbreakable connections, as S.R.E. learns the true power of empathy, friendship, and the extraordinary potential of the human spirit. "S.R.E." serves as a timeless reminder that our capacity for data optimization can bridge the gaps between even the most disparate worlds.

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