Edge Delta Turns Inputs Into Insights

Why is Edge Delta trusted by industry-leading DevOps, SRE, Engineering and Security organizations?

The Edge Delta Advantage

Data Privacy

Your data confidentiality is our top priority. Edge Delta uses federated learning to process at the source, raw and potentially sensitive data sets are never required to be replicated or transmitted outside of your firewalls.

Keep it Simple

Monitoring and observability should be simple. You shouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel for every app and service to derive these insights. That’s why Edge Delta’s software can be easily deployed within any architecture.

Hassle-Free Scalability

Your company’s modern elastic infrastructures require hyper-scalability – without adverse effects to visibility or performance. Edge Delta scales horizontally with the number of sources, volume of logs, and metrics per source. 

Better Pricing

Infrastructure is scalable, but volume based pricing that’s tied  to the raw output is prohibitively expensive. Edge Delta can scale without your contract having to follow.

Faster Analytics

In a future where prediction, detection and mitigation happens in a proactive automated fashion, every millisecond counts. Edge Delta detects anomalies orders of magnitude faster than traditional systems. Your on-call engineers will be aware of an issue taking place within seconds, letting them hit the ground running.

Modern Security Analytics

Attackers today are sophisticated, using modern adversarial tactics and techniques. To be able to use common knowledge, your team needs to see all actions, in real time. This results in a more effective cybersecurity.

We Help You Save on Data, Time, and Money


Analyzed Raw Data → Intelligent Insights Compression


Typical Reduction in MTTI


Improvement in Error Budget by instantly detecting and identifying issues

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