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We do the heavy lifting for your data...

…so all you have to do is rock.


We’re the roadies to your rockstar, ready to help you save time and money so you can get back to doing what you do best. Come catch us on the road this year and see how it’s done in person. We guarantee you won’t regret it.

We are the road crew

Because headliners don’t carry their own gear.

Did you hear that Manual Toil just dropped off the bill? That means a longer set time for your team of superstars. Why waste time with mundane, repetitive tasks when you belong on stage? Edge Delta's got your back, from soundcheck to showtime.

Hallowed be thy logs

Run to your logs, not for your life.

We help you store and search all your logs, making it easy for you to control expenses. Plus, you get an all-access backstage pass to every dataset without sacrificing performance.

Seek and destroy

Log ‘em all, let us sort ‘em out.

Keep the bad noise out of your logs. Know what's going on and when things change. We'll keep your sound in check and if issues arise they'll be loud and clear.

“This is cool and all, but I need a road crew right now!”

Can't wait to meet up with us at one of our many appearances? We'll show you everything we can do for you and your observability data. Book a personalized demo now and we'll set the stage for your success.