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Effortlessly Monitor Your Applications

Log Monitoring

Edge Delta automatically detects every anomaly as soon as it occurs, eliminating the need to manually build monitoring logic to catch issues that arise.

Why Edge Delta?

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    Reduce Your Log Data Noise

    Make sense of your log data by grouping repetitive messages into patterns and extracting insights from all datasets.

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    Understand Your Data

    Automatically analyze every log, easily visualize how your applications are behaving, and anticipate issues before they impact users.

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    Troubleshoot Faster

    The exact data and insights you need for troubleshooting, eliminating endlessly sifting through a mountain of logs.

Reduce noise within your log data

Patterns automatically analyzes all of your log data in real-time. Observe your entire environment and immediately uncover the information needed. This helps you quickly understand behaviors and solve problems as they appear.

Process 100% of your log data at the source

Processes data as it's created in real-time, condensing overwhelming volumes in comprehensive analytics in your observability platform.

Automatically capture every anomaly

Observe Kubernetes events within an environment. Investigate anomalies and see the raw data that contributed to the event.

What Our Customers Are Seeing

Super League Gaming.

100% data optimization


Reduction in observability costs by 60%


3x reduction in debugging times

Get Up and Running in Less Than 5 Minutes

Never worry about capacity or re-configuring log monitoring logic again.