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Product Overview

A New Way to Do Observability

Edge Delta processes your data as it's created and gives you the freedom to route it anywhere. Our distributed architecture enables you to store and search any volume of data without sacrificing costs or performance.

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No Scale is Too Big

Built for Large-Scale Observability Practices

Our vision is to pioneer the future of large-scale observability. In an age where data scales to hundreds of terabytes and even petabytes, traditional observability tools falter. We aim to buck this trend with a platform that scales infinitely, effortlessly accommodating more data and users.

Unparalleled Control

Data Processing at the Agent Level

Shape, enrich, format, and analyze data as it’s created at the source. The Edge Delta agent stream processes your data, providing unparalleled control compared to traditional “dumb forwarders.” Plus, you can bypass centralized bottlenecks and route processed data directly to your streaming destinations.

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Want to try Edge Delta for yourself? Go from alert to resolution in our interactive demo.

Highly Efficient

Ultra Fast Search Across All Your Data

Store and search data with high performance at any scale. Edge Delta ingests all data into object storage, enabling low-cost storage for all your data – no more dropping or sampling data. Our highly efficient platform makes it possible to query massive amounts of log data quickly and with little overhead.


Open and Modular Observability

Route data to one or many streaming destinations. Edge Delta provides vendor-agnostic data routing to help you future-proof your observability stack, support different teams, adopt a tiered logging strategy, and more. We have over 60 pre-built integrations, including observability platforms, storage targets, and alerting tools.

User Friendly

Central, Point-and-Click Fleet Management

Gain enterprise-grade agent fleet management. Edge Delta provides a central interface to build, manage, and roll out agent configurations. Monitor agent health at a glance and quickly ensure everything works as expected. Plus, you can manage pipelines visually, using a point-and-click workflow – not complex config files.

Quick & Easy

Get Up and Running in Minutes...

…and build a launchpad for complete observability. 

At Edge Delta, we envision an automated observability environment with minimal setup, zero maintenance, and faster resolution times. 

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    Search and analyze your data without needing to learn a complex query language.

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    Gain an opinionated view of your data to simplify monitoring and troubleshoot issues faster.

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    Derive analytics and populate dashboards out-of-the-box, with no human intervention.


Always Fair and Transparent Pricing

Say goodbye to monthly sticker shock. Our unique architecture enables more cost-effective observability than traditional providers. With Edge Delta, you’ll never run into hidden fees ever.

Customer Testimonials


“There’s a lot more possibility with observability today. And there are powerful tools available now, like Edge Delta – to analyze logs and get insights upstream.”

– Richard Chin, SRE Architect, MediaKind

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“With everything, we’re thinking about how we can take a more asynchronous or real-time approach. Edge Delta helps us do that.”

– Rafael Bruno de Almeida, Senior Tech Manager, Inter

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“We don’t need a specific observability team working to configure Edge Delta. It’s easy to set up and it just works.”

– Bruno da Silva Verch, Cloud Engineer Specialist, Agi

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“Edge Delta provided us a view into issues we didn't know were going on. It detected anomalies on its own without us having to specify what it should be looking for.”

– Brendten Eickstaedt, CTO, Fama

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Get Up and Running in 5 Minutes

With Edge Delta, observability works out of the box. Get set up in minutes, end ongoing toil, and gain pre-built views that make monitoring easy.

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