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Cloud-First Log Management and Data Pipelines

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Log Analytics and Visualizations

Make sense of your noisiest datasets

  • Kubernetes Overview

    Visualize the health of your Kubernetes resources. Drill into components and investigate signals in clicks.

  • Logs to Metrics

    Summarize high-volume, noisy datasets into lightweight, consumable KPIs that are easy to track over time.

  • Patterns

    Group recurring loglines into patterns to reduce noise, simplify troubleshooting, and quickly see new behaviors.

  • Source-Level Patterns

    Monitor behaviors in Kubernetes environments down to the namespace or container level.

  • Insights

    Observe Kubernetes events and understand how they’re affecting service behavior.

Detection and Root-Cause Assistance

Spot issues faster and simplify troubleshooting

  • Anomaly Detection

    Detect every anomaly – even unknown problems or issues you haven’t built logic to catch.

  • Findings

    Resolve issues in minutes with full context and raw data tied to an incident or anomaly.

  • Automated Alerts

    Trigger automated and custom alerts at the infrastructure level for lower fatigue and faster response.

Full-Fidelity Data Access

Maintain complete access to your log data without relying on a downstream index

  • Live Search

    Store and search on all log data ingested into Edge Delta.

  • Raw Log Forwarding

    Capture and route raw data tied to an anomaly, new deployment, or other critical occurrence.

  • Rehydrations

    Ingest and index any subset of logs from object storage into your observability platform.

Observability Pipelines

Gain complete control over what you index in your observability platform

  • Data Routing

    Move raw, enriched, or optimized log data from any source to any location.

  • Transforms

    Enrich and optimally format log data to derive more value within downstream systems.

  • One-click Integrations

    Connect your data and insights with your other observability, analytics, and incident response tooling.

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