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Cloud-First Log Management and Data Pipelines

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Log Analytics and Visualizations

Make sense of your noisiest datasets

  • Kubernetes Overview

    Visualize the health of your Kubernetes resources. Drill into components and investigate signals in clicks.

  • Logs to Metrics

    Summarize high-volume, noisy datasets into lightweight, consumable KPIs that are easy to track over time.

  • Patterns

    Group recurring loglines into patterns to reduce noise, simplify troubleshooting, and quickly see new behaviors.

  • Source-Level Patterns

    Monitor behaviors in Kubernetes environments down to the namespace or container level.

  • Insights

    Observe Kubernetes events and understand how they’re affecting service behavior.

Detection and Root-Cause Assistance

Spot issues faster and simplify troubleshooting

  • Anomaly Detection

    Detect every anomaly – even unknown problems or issues you haven’t built logic to catch.

  • Findings

    Resolve issues in minutes with full context and raw data tied to an incident or anomaly.

  • Automated Alerts

    Trigger automated and custom alerts at the infrastructure level for lower fatigue and faster response.

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Full-Fidelity Data Access

Maintain complete access to your log data without relying on a downstream index

  • Live Search

    Store and search on all log data ingested into Edge Delta.

  • Raw Log Forwarding

    Capture and route raw data tied to an anomaly, new deployment, or other critical occurrence.

  • Rehydrations

    Ingest and index any subset of logs from object storage into your observability platform.

Observability Pipelines

Gain complete control over what you index in your observability platform

  • Data Routing

    Move raw, enriched, or optimized log data from any source to any location.

  • Transforms

    Enrich and optimally format log data to derive more value within downstream systems.

  • One-click Integrations

    Connect your data and insights with your other observability, analytics, and incident response tooling.

Log Volumes Have Outgrown Traditional Architectures

Unpredictable costs. Limited visibility. Poor performance. These challenges don’t have to be the norm. This whitepaper will walk you through our approach, and put you on the path to understanding and controlling your observability data.

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