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Observability Pipelines, Logs, and Metrics enabled by a next-generation architecture built to analyze petabytes on any budget.

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Open Observability Without Data Gravity

The progression to modern application stacks and microservices architectures has resulted in orders of magnitude more logs, metrics, events, and traces. Like gravity, data attracts more data, making it increasingly difficult to move and process as it accumulates over time. More than ever, there is a need to be able to stream-process, filter, mask, transform, aggregate, analyze, and route that data to various data tier destinations optimized for specific usage.

Observability Pipelines

The Most Comprehensive Toolbox for Shaping and Tiering Data

Developers, DevOps, and SRE teams needs visibility into where data is being created upstream to control its size, granularity, and shape, and ultimately route it anywhere – all in a matter of clicks. Modern observability teams hold each other accountable with internal reporting and usage-based charge-back models. This clarity empowers individuals and gives organizations the power and flexibility to modularize their observability stack and eliminate vendor lock-in.

Log Search & Analytics

A Dynamic and Scalable Architecture Optimized For Massive Scale

It was typical a decade ago to simply brute force a few gigabytes into an expensive and performant one-size-fits-all index to query later. It's a very different problem than the one teams experience today – quantifying the ROI of analyzing each subset of logs. Edge Delta enables teams to store and search data at any scale by utilizing everything from in-memory to low-cost object storage. This unique architecture enables lower costs, better performance, and ultimate scalability.

Trusted By Teams That Practice Observability at Scale

“We just canceled our Datadog contract, saving over $50,000 a year. The era of logging and monitoring SaaS charging extreme prices and companies paying is over.”
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Brendten Eickstaedt.
Brendten Eickstaedt
CTO, Fama
“There’s a lot more possibility with observability today. And there are powerful tools available now, like Edge Delta – to analyze logs and get insights upstream.”
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Richard Chin.
Richard Chin
SRE Architect, Mediakind
“My whole job is to make developers' lives easier. If I have a product that can do that, like Edge Delta does, that is a win for me.”
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Justin Head.
Justin Head
Vice President of DevOps, Super League Gaming
“The new Intelligent Observability Pipelines allow for accurate predictions and dynamic data routing, drastically reducing the mean-time-to identify and recover from potential production incidents.”
Patrick Byrne.
Patrick Byrne
Senior PM, Boeing
“A new architecture that has the potential to fundamentally remove limitations, opening up a whole new set of possibilities.”
Amit Mathur.
Amit Mathur
SVP of Product Engineering, Sinclair Digital
“We don’t need a specific observability team working to configure Edge Delta. It’s easy to set up and it just works.”
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Bruno da Silva Verch.
Bruno da Silva Verch
Cloud Engineer Specialist, Agi
“Edge Delta's approach to this problem is key to keeping up with your rapidly growing footprint and ensuring full visibility and the ability to correlate across all machine data.”
Joan Pepin.
Joan Pepin
CISO, BigEye

Charting Observability 2023 Report

Observability data is exponentially growing, but what does this mean for you – the people responsible for keeping your mission-critical systems and applications up and running? Many teams are being asked to do more (data) with less (budget), and the big problem today becomes an even bigger problem tomorrow. Our new report quantifies how data has exploded over the past few years and provides insight into how other observability teams are responding.

Hitting Limitations of Traditional Centralized Observability?

If you are self-sufficient, we encourage you to start for free (up to 10GB/day). We think you'll be impressed with the deepest insights you've ever had from your data in less than 5 minutes. If you'd instead like to jump on 1:1 demo with an Edge Delta Solution Architect, they're always in the mood to talk observability.

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