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The Edge: Observability’s Final Frontier

Lower costs, save time, and monitor at any scale by processing your data at the edge.

  • Free up to 10GB/day
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Observability Without (Data) Gravity

Data attracts more data, making it increasingly difficult to move and process as it accumulates over time.

Processing your data at the edge reduces costs, volume, and noise, giving you the freedom to route it anywhere.

Observability Pipelines

Mission Control For Your Galaxies of Data

Observability shouldn’t be a black hole. Gain insight into your data upstream. Control its size and shape and route it anywhere – all in a matter of clicks. Now, you can put your resources towards the right data in the optimal location.

Log Search & Analytics

“Computer, show me everything – on screen.”

Store and search data at any scale. Our unique architecture enables lower costs, better performance, and scalability. End ongoing maintenance and gain opinionated views that make troubleshooting easy.

Charting Observability 2023

Observability data is growing, but what does this mean for you – the people responsible for keeping your applications up and running? Our new report quantifies how data has grown over the past few years and provides insight into how other observability teams are responding.

To Kubernetes and Beyond

Start for free with simple, scalable Kubernetes monitoring (up to 10GB/day). Get real insights from your data in 5 minutes or less. Upgrade at any time for astronomical compatibility and volume.

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