The new way to be proactive. Logs, Metrics, Traces.

Some store and explore – Edge Delta is for the rest of us

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Modern DevOps starts before data is indexed

Edge Delta gives you the freedom to decouple where you analyze your data from where it’s stored. This unique take on DevOps, Security, and SRE machine data analytics lets you consume and analyze machine data output (logs, metrics, events, traces, telemetry) at the source – how we’ve defined the edge. Whether your team utilizes EC2, ECS, EKS, or Lambda – our distributed architecture and stream processing provides the infinite scalability you need to dynamically analyze your data, helping to break through technical and financial limitations

Simple setup in 3 minutes or less...

We know your time is valuable, so your use cases are covered on day one. Utilizing unsupervised learning to automatically determine distinct cluster patterns, trends over time, anomaly detection, and sentiment analysis all out-of-the-box… you can leave the heavy lifting to Edge Delta.

DevOps, IT/Ops, and SRE

  • Get distributed machine learning insights without volumetric limits
  • Achieve proactive real-time intelligence, alerts, and remediation
  • Provide fast incident response, reducing MTTI and MTTR
  • Improve SLAs and performance to keep customers satisfied

Security and Privacy

  • FedML with advanced endpoint detection capabilities
  • Proactively detect IOCs, respond fast
  • Adhere to privacy and compliance standards
  • Achieve intelligence without transmitting sensitive data

New Approach. New Possibilities.

Some of the world’s most modern companies use Edge Delta within their DevOps and Security teams giving visibility to ensure performance, scalability, and availability of mission critical and production systems.

Increase Revenue

Increasing uptime and availability results in happier customers, a better brand, and increased revenue generation for your business

Mitigate Security Risk

Modern security analytics with no requirement to transmit raw data allows you to improve your security posture, while not exposing sensitive datasets

Full Visibility at Low Cost

100% visibility, operational efficiency, and automation results in lower costs within your organization, and it’s all achieved with much lower overhead

Easy Integrations

Edge Delta integrates with the tools you use to keep your applications healthy, your customers happy, and your infrastructure secure

Request the paper, a demo, or install it in 3 minutes

Edge Delta is focused on providing immediate value to your team. Deploying and using the platform is simple, meaning you can rapidly achieve value on day one. Have an engineer walk you through our technology by requesting a demo. Or test drive it yourself with a 14 day free trial.

Example one line install (it really is this easy, sign up at

ED_API_KEY=_example_key-3d6f-4613-a92a-96947h3dfaa8 bash -c “$(curl -L”

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