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Observability Pipelines and Log Search That Scales

Take back control of your observability costs without sacrificing data visibility. Analyze and search 100% of your data pre-index and route data anywhere with Edge Delta.

How Edge Delta Can Help You

DevOps teams have outgrown traditional observability architectures. Companies now ingest millions of loglines each minute and deploy new software every day. Keeping up can mean going over budget, dropping data, and overburdening engineers.

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    Control Costs & Maximize Visibility

    Gain visibility into 100% of your data and get more out of your observability license. Edge Delta analyzes your log data before it’s indexed and makes it all searchable in low-cost storage.

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    Detect & Troubleshoot Issues

    Detect every issue without having to predict them in advance. Edge Delta makes sense of your logs, delivers automatic alerts, and provides everything you need to troubleshoot.

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    Avoid Vendor Lock-In

    Route data from any source to one or many destinations. Edge Delta is a vendor-agnostic platform that gives you control over where you put your data.

Why Edge Delta?

The platform that helps DevOps, SRE, and developers simplify log management, streamline troubleshooting processes, and route data to other observability platforms.

Interested in learning more?

See how Edge Delta helps engineering teams achieve 200-300% ROI in less than 3 months.

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