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Products and Pricing

The universe is mysterious. Our pricing isn’t.

Observability Pipelines

Unlimited Users & Ingest
per GB

Reduce observability TCO, while gaining visibility into all your data.

  • Edge processing and alerting
  • 50+ third-party integrations
  • Raw data rehydration
  • Centralized fleet management
  • Data enrichment
  • Data transformations

Log Search & Analytics

Unlimited Users & Ingest
per GB

Store and search all your data, and auto-detect every issue.

  • Edge processing and alerting
  • 1-month retention
  • Option to self-host data
  • Automated log analytics
  • Pre-built dashboards
  • Custom monitors

Buy Together and Save

Need both products? Have a lot of data? We have discounts for you. Chat with our team to learn more.

Or, skip the sales pitch.

Try Edge Delta Free

up to 10GB/day

For small teams to monitor Kubernetes resources. For big teams to test drive Edge Delta.

  • Aggregated log search for K8s
  • Pre-built K8s dashboards
  • Automated log analytics
  • Edge processing and alerting
There are No Silly Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bundle Edge Delta’s product offerings?

Certainly! When you use Log Search & Analytics in tandem with Observability Pipelines, you receive a bundled discount of $0.30 per GB/day.

Does Edge Delta provide volume-based discounts?

Yes. As you commit to higher annual usage, the price per GB significantly decreases.

Does Edge Delta support Self-Hosted and Hybrid deployments?

Yes. In addition to the SaaS offerings detailed above, Edge Delta supports deployments where you can self-host your own data in a hybrid SaaS model.

In this hybrid SaaS deployment model, you would use the Edge Delta interface to perform key functions including fleet management of agents, updating agent pipelines, and other data interaction functions. However, the collected log data would never leave your environment.

Do I need a credit card to try Edge Delta?

No. You can use the free version of our product without a credit card, ingesting up to 10 GB/day. This tier is free forever.

Does Edge Delta offer Professional Services?

Yes, Edge Delta offers Professional Services to paid customers for an additional cost.

Built to work with everything

Route data from any source to one or many destinations. Edge Delta supports 50+ integrations across analytics, alerting, storage, and more. We can help you consolidate agents and routing infrastructure, and avoid vendor lock-in.

Here to help

Support & Services

Sometimes, we all need a little help, and our Customer Success and Services team is here to help you achieve your desired outcomes. Paying customers receive 24/7 technical support from a dedicated team member. Need additional Professional Services? No sweat, we can do that too.

Fama reduces observability spend by 60%

A leading background screening company optimized observability spend by processing all of their log data at the source using Edge Delta.

See Edge Delta In Action

Get in touch with us, see the guided tour, and we can help you pick what’s best for you and your team.