Resolve issues in minutes

Understand the Health of K8s Workloads

Detect issues without having to predict them in advance. Edge Delta makes sense of your logs, delivers automatic alerts, and allows you to search 100% of data.

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Anomaly Detection and Troubleshooting

Detect every issue without having to predict them in advance. Edge Delta automatically surfaces anomalies and provides everything you need to troubleshoot. Enabling you to see every issue and how to immediately fix it.

Store and Search All Your Logs

Search 100% of your log data without storing it on a high-cost observability platform. Edge Delta routes all your full-fidelity data to inexpensive object storage. From within the Edge Delta platform, you can search this data at any time.

Analyze Every Logline with Processors

Extract metrics from your log data, group together similar events, and more. Edge Delta’s processors automatically analyze your log data as it’s collected. This feature enables real-time insights to streamline monitoring and troubleshooting processes.

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Edge Delta makes sense of your log data and delivers automatic alerts when issues occur. The platform provides insights to simplify troubleshooting processes and transparency into application health.

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