🎉 Product Launch: Edge Delta now supports ingestion of Kubernetes metrics. Read about the update here.

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Log Search & Analytics

Store and search data at any scale with Edge Delta Log Search & Analytics. Our unique, modern architecture enables lower costs and better performance and scalability than traditional providers.

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For small teams to monitor Kubernetes, for big teams to test drive Edge Delta. A little bit of everything, from Log Search to Metrics to Visual Pipelines. Free forever, up to 10GB/day.


Store and Search Data at Any Scale

  • Ingest millions of log lines per second. Our distributed architecture is built to help you stay ahead of data growth.

  • Query petabyte-scale datasets at warp speed. Our efficient platform helps you maintain ultrafast performance at any scale.

  • Stop relying on sampling and filtering events to contain costs. Give your team complete visibility without going over budget.

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Troubleshoot Issues in Minutes

  • Detect incidents and outages without having to predict them. Edge Delta pinpoints and alerts on anomalous behavior—known or unknown.

  • Easily interpret your data with summaries of recurring log lines. Edge Delta identifies patterns across 100% of your log data.

  • Simplify troubleshooting with an opinionated view of your data. Edge Delta alerts automatically surface the relevant data and the affected systems, components, or services.

Shape and Enrich

Control Your Data Footprint

  • Shape, enrich, format, and analyze all your data as it’s created. Edge Delta packages comprehensive data pipeline capabilities with Log Search & Analytics.

  • Empower your developers to optimize your logs. Edge Delta offers a self-service, point-and-click experience to build, test, and manage pipelines.

  • Integrate with third-party observability providers and archive/object storage targets to adopt the most cost-effective tiering strategy.


Meet Your Sensitive Data Requirements

  • Control access to your data and observability pipelines with fine-grained RBAC controls.

  • Mask or redact sensitive information from your log data before it’s ingested in our SaaS backend using built-in pipeline controls.

  • Ingest your data with confidence, knowing Edge Delta is SOC 2 Type II certified.

Super League Gaming Reduces Troubleshooting Times by 83%

The esports platform started using Edge Delta so their developers could access larger datasets and save time troubleshooting issues.

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