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Use Case

Observability Cost Management

By pre-processing data as it’s created at the source, Edge Delta helps you:

  • Reduce observability costs by up to 60%

  • Gain visibility into new datasets

  • Summarize or filter out data you don’t need raw

Taco Bell.
“Edge Delta is an excellent product that helped us bring down the observability stack cost.”
Sravan Akinapally
Product Technical Lead/Solution Architect, American Airlines
“There’s a lot more possibility with observability today. And there are powerful tools available now, like Edge Delta – to analyze logs and get insights upstream.”
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Richard Chin
SRE Architect, Mediakind
“We have a positive ROI on this – it's saving us real dollars right away.”
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Brendten Eickstaedt
CTO, Fama
The Challenge

Log volumes drive up costs and hurt performance

Most observability vendors use a “centralize-then-analyze” approach. In other words, your data must be centralized in their platform before users can search or run analytics on it.

This approach worked well before the rise of cloud and microservices. However, log data has multiplied 5x over the past three years. This creates challenges, such as:

  • High Costs: Observability platforms are becoming prohibitively expensive. A simple mistake, like leaving debug logs on, can cause a massive overage.

  • Limited Visibility: Teams must neglect large portions of data to contain costs.

  • Poor Performance: As datasets continue to grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to support real-time analytics.

Edge Processing

Reduce your data footprint

Edge Delta processes your data as it's created at the source. As a byproduct, you can:

  • Summarize data into patterns and metrics before you index it.

  • Filter out data you don't need and trim unnecessary fields from your loglines.

  • Free capacity for datasets you previously discarded.

Vendor-Agnostic Data Routing

Route data to the optimal destination

Edge Delta gives you the freedom to route data anywhere. As a result, you can:

  • Ship different subsets of data to different platforms to right-size spending.

  • Retain access to all log data in low-cost object storage.

  • Eliminate vendor lock-in by moving away from proprietary log collection agents.

Fama Reduces Observability Spend by 60%

A leading background screening company optimized observability spend by processing all of their log data at the source using Edge Delta.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If Edge Delta processes data upstream, how will that affect my compute resources?

We've spent the past few years building to most performant agent in the market. As a result, there is little material impact on your compute resources.

Our recent benchmarks are 2% CPU and 78MB of RAM consumed when processing 1,000 events per second.

You can read the full agent performance benchmarks here.

If I use Edge Delta for observability, should I expect to reduce costs?

Yes. When you use Edge Delta for observability, we help you reduce costs for both logs and metrics:

  • Logs: We’ve built our Log Search product using next-generation technology with an emphasis on pricing and scalability. As a result, you can store and search logs for $0.20/GB.

  • Metrics: We optimize time-series ingestion by 90%+ compared to other metrics providers. So, you can avoid ingesting data that goes ignored.

What level of cost savings should I expect when I use Edge Delta?

Your cost savings depend on several factors including your current contract and the ways in which you pre-process data. For example, if you summarize all your data into metrics and patterns, you can see 90%+ data optimization.

When you factor in all data processing functions, customers will typically reduce log data ingestion 30%-60%.

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