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Mission Control For Your Universe of Data

Become the captain of your logs, troubleshoot issues at warp speed, and fit the data you need into your observability platform.

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Leave Manual Toil in the Past

Navigating through your universe of data has never been easier. Say goodbye to manual toil and ensure every deployment is working as intended without spending cycles updating dashboards and alerts.


Troubleshoot Issues at Warp Speed

Like a deep-space scanner sifting through your vast expanse of data, our intelligent anomaly detection discovers hidden issues that would otherwise be missed. Determine the root cause of any issue with breathtaking speed and accuracy.


“Computer – Show me everything. On screen.”

Store and search all your logs. Control costs and gain access to all your datasets without sacrificing performance – no more dropping or sampling loglines.


No More Noisy Logs

Cut through needless noise and focus on what matters most. Understand service health and identify new patterns at a glance.

Log Volumes Have Outgrown Traditional Architectures

Unpredictable costs. Limited visibility. Poor performance. These challenges don’t have to be the norm. This whitepaper will walk you through our approach, and put you on the path to understanding and controlling your observability data.
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