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Case Studies

Helping our customers gain complete observability


Box Controls Observability Cost and Complexity at Scale

Box uses Edge Delta Observability Pipelines to manage log collection, processing, and routing across the entire organization. Learn how this helps the company reduce costs and eliminate complexity.

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Peerspace Gets Observability Out-of-the-Box with Edge Delta

Peerspace uses Edge Delta to automate monitoring and troubleshoot issues fasters. Read the case study to learn more about their use case.

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Qualiti Improves Time-to-Triage by Up to 70%

Learn how Qualiti improved their developers’ log search experience and increased time-to-triage by up to 70%.

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Inter Reduces Observability Costs by 60% and Gives Teams More Control Over Data

Inter uses Edge Delta to embrace a distributed observability approach. As a result, they’ve reduced costs by 60% and given each team more control over their data.

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MediaKind Achieves 80% Log Optimization

To help mitigate extreme data growth, MediaKind uses Edge Delta to optimize log data by over 80% and derive insights upstream.

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Agi Increases Alert Speed and Reduces Logging Costs

Edge Delta helps Agi set up alerts in minutes, better anticipate production issues, and reduce observability costs.

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Super League Gaming.

Super League Gaming Analyzes All Log Data and Speeds Up Investigations

Super League Gaming redesigned its observability stack using Edge Delta to analyze 100% of its data, provide deeper insight, and speed up root cause identification.

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Webscale Networks Reduces Debugging Times by 91%

Webscale Networks consolidated its observability stack with Edge Delta, reducing context switching and leading to a 91% reduction in debugging times.

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Fama Achieves 100% Datadog Visibility While Automating Anomaly Detection

Fama, a leading background screening company, was able to reduce Datadog costs by 60% and gain complete visibility into every anomaly using Edge Delta.

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