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Microsoft Azure Observability

  • Ingest everything for $0.20 per GB

  • Monitor your distributed Azure environments effortlessly

  • Spot anomalies without defining alerts

60+ integrations, including...


Gain complete observability across the Azure cloud ecosystem

  • Gain complete visibility into your Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) applications, and Azure Functions.

  • Ingest logs and metrics at scale – without going over budget or sacrificing performance.

  • Easily detect health and performance issues across all your Kubernetes components.

Try an Interactive Demo

Want to try Edge Delta for yourself? Go from alert to resolution in our interactive demo.

Hit the ground running

  • Leverage pre-built dashboards and visualizations to jump-start your path to complete Azure observability.

  • Remove the manual effort from monitoring. Edge Delta uses AI/ML to spot any issues or changes in behavior.

  • Streamline adoption across your organization. With Edge Delta, you don’t need to learn a complex query language or rely on expertise to resolve issues.

Reduce your Azure observability costs

  • Reduce logging costs by 90%+ when compared to Azure Monitor logs.

  • Optimize your data footprint by pre-processing your logs as they’re created at the source.

  • Ingest the most useful metrics to reduce time-series ingestion by over 90%.

Get Up and Running

With Edge Delta, observability works out of the box. Get set up in a flash, end ongoing toil, and gain pre-built views that make monitoring easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Edge Delta different from Azure Monitor?

Edge Delta is different from Azure Monitor in three main ways:

  • Architecture: Edge Delta’s distributed architecture pushes compute closer to the data source. By processing your telemetry upstream, Edge Delta enables cost optimization and allows you to pre-sort the “needles” from your “haystack.”

  • Cost: Edge Delta is roughly 90% more cost-effective than Azure Monitor logs – you can ingest logs and metrics for $0.20 per GB.

  • Automation: Edge Delta provides observability out-of-the-box. This means you don't have to build dashboards and it will detect anomalies automatically. As a result, your team can spend more time on their core responsibilities.

What Azure services can Edge Delta be integrated with?

Edge Delta provides several pre-built integrations with AWS, including:

  • Azure VMs and Managed Kubernetes Service (AKS) to collect and pre-process telemetry.

  • Azure Blob (Outbound) to store telemetry long-term.

  • Azure Functions (Outbound) to trigger a function.

Explore all our integrations here.

Can I route logs to Azure Blog storage?

Yes, you can route telemetry to Azure Blog Storage for long-term storage. This gives you a cost-effective option to maintain access to log data for compliance or other use cases.