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Observability Pipelines

Control costs and maximize visibility. End overages, remove blind spots in your data, and stay ahead of data growth.

Let's get modern

Stop indexing all your raw data

Modern applications create millions of loglines each minute. Today's observability platforms weren't built for this scale. And you shouldn't have to keep paying more and more.

That's where Edge Delta comes in. We analyze 100% of your data as it's created at the source. So, you can maintain visibility into your data — without storing everything in an observability platform.

Introducing Visual Pipelines

A single, point-and-click interface for simplifying Observability Pipeline workflows.

Manage pipelines with ease and transparency

  • Handle workflows with a single point-and-click interface

  • Test and iterate upon pipelines without having to deploy (and redeploy) into production

  • Monitor pipeline health and ensure every component is working at a glance

Shape data as you see fit

  • Choose from 15+ pre-built processors

  • Transform and enrich data to maximize insights in downstream systems

  • Mask sensitive data before it exits your environment

Get the most out of your observability license

  • Capture the raw data your team needs for monitoring and troubleshooting

  • Populate dashboards with lightweight analytics to support real-time use cases

  • Rehydrate raw data into your observability platform at any time

Fama reduces observability spend by 60%

A leading background screening company optimized observability spend by processing all of their log data at the source using Edge Delta.

Explore the features our customers love

  • Visual Pipelines

    Build, test, and monitor pipelines from a single, point-and-click interface.

  • Patterns

    Avoid indexing countless repetitive loglines by clustering similar data into patterns.

  • Data Transforms

    Enrich and optimally format log data to derive more value within downstream systems.

  • Logs to Metrics

    Extract metrics from your logs, so you can track KPIs your team cares about.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Detect every production issue without having to predict them in advance.

  • Fleet Management

    Manage, test, and roll out configurations from a centralized fleet management interface.

Put Power Back in Your Hands

As today’s application environments continue to grow, your universe of data is constantly expanding. Leveraging the right tools and practices, it’s possible to manage observability without sacrificing visibility. Learn about Edge Delta's unique approach to data optimization and regain control today.

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