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Observability Pipelines to Control What You Index

Fit new datasets into your observability platform

  • One-line deploy

Get more out of your observability license

  • Process 100% of your log data as soon as it’s created at the source

  • Condense overwhelming log volumes into patterns and lightweight metrics for a simpler experience

  • Power dashboards with log analytics, not complete raw datasets, for optimal capacity allocation

Access all your log data – always searchable at any retention

  • Store all your full-fidelity logs to the object storage of your choice

  • Search on all your log data directly from Edge Delta without relying on an index

  • Retain all your log data for as long as you need, with total control over lifecycle policy

Identify and index exactly what your teams need

  • Automatically capture and index data tied to important activities, such as anomalies or deployments

  • Quickly identify the data you need by grouping recurring loglines into patterns

  • Route raw data from object storage to your observability platform at any time

Fama reduces observability spend by 60%

A leading background screening company optimized observability spend by processing all of their log data at the source using Edge Delta.
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Explore the features our customers love

  • Patterns

    Auto-generated log patterns help you filter through noisy loglines and quickly identify changes in your environment.

  • Live Search Object Storage

    Ability to search and run queries on all log data living in the object storage of your choice.

  • Data Transforms

    Processors help you enrich and optimally format log data to derive more value within downstream systems.

  • Logs to Metrics

    High-volume, overwhelming datasets are summarized into lightweight KPIs that are easy to track over time.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Every anomaly is caught automatically – even those that would otherwise go unnoticed.

  • Raw Data Capture

    Raw logs tied to anomalies, deployments, and anything else you want to monitor are automatically indexed.

Put Power Back in Your Hands

As today’s application environments continue to grow, your universe of data is constantly expanding. Leveraging the right tools and practices, it’s possible to manage observability without sacrificing visibility. Learn about Edge Delta's unique approach to data optimization and regain control today.
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