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Use Case

Anomaly Detection

  • Spot anomalies using AI/ML

  • Troubleshoot faster with AI recommendations

  • Correlate logs to your alerts automatically

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Super League Gaming.

Trusted by teams that ship fast

“Edge Delta provided us a view into issues we didn't know were going on. It detected anomalies on its own without us having to specify what it should be looking for.”
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Brendten Eickstaedt
CTO, Fama
“Edge Delta helped us find things hours faster than we would have. It allows our developers to see – for the first time – what was making the most logs, what was giving the most errors. When things did go bump in the night, what changed specifically.”
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Justin Head
Vice President of DevOps, Super League Gaming
“We had a case two days ago, where we received an alert from Edge Delta five minutes faster than our other tool. Both were reporting the same exact issue.”
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Bruno da Silva Verch
Cloud Engineer Specialist, Agi
The Challenge

Traditional tools are manual and reactive

Engineering teams need to spot issues before they impact customers. However, traditional monitoring tools have several shortcomings that make this task difficult:

  • Manual Effort: Engineers dedicate time and effort to instrumenting code and defining alert conditions.

  • Inability to Detect Unknown Issues: When building monitors, teams must understand every behavior they'd like to alert on. As a result, they’re only catching known issues.

  • Alert Fatigue: Noisy alerts and false positives overwhelm teams. In the long term, this leads to missed alerts or delayed responses.

The Solution

A platform that doesn't just alert on issues – it anticipates them.

Edge Delta uses AI to monitor your services, alert you when something is wrong, and guide root-cause analysis. Now, you can see every issue and know right away how to fix it.

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    Spend no time building alerts

    Automation helps you detect anomalies without having to define alert conditions and thresholds.

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    Never miss a production issue

    Edge Delta reduces false positives by alerting on known and unknown behaviors.

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    Troubleshoot with a copilot

    AI summarizes every anomaly and provides recommendations to remediate it.

Try an Interactive Demo

Want to try Edge Delta for yourself? Go from alert to resolution in our interactive demo.

How it Works

Detect known and unknown issues

  • Automatically detect anomalies – without defining alerts

  • Reduce alert fatigue using confidence scoring

  • Capture all data tied to an alert – Edge Delta shows you only needles, not haystacks

Troubleshooting Copilot

Speed up root-cause analysis

  • Capture all data tied to an alert – Edge Delta shows you only needles, not haystacks

  • Group repetitive logs into Patterns for easier investigation.

  • Leverage a troubleshooting assistant – Edge Delta's copilot helps you resolve issues faster.

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With Edge Delta, observability works out of the box. Get set up in minutes, end ongoing toil, and gain pre-built views that make monitoring easy.

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