🎉 Product Launch: Edge Delta now supports ingestion of Kubernetes metrics. Read about the update here.

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Kubernetes Metrics

Control the cost and noise of monitoring at scale. Analyze and aggregate your metrics at the source to capture your most useful observability data.


Control the Cost and Noise of Metrics

  • Reduce metrics time series ingestion up to 90% with zero changes needed to your Kubernetes environment.

  • Avoid storing and paying for unused metrics. We distill hundreds of metrics into the ones users access most frequently and alert on – at the source before ingestion.

  • Pay for the volume you ingest, not the number of time series. Edge Delta enforces single-lever, volume-based pricing, so you never incur surprise costs.

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Detect and Resolve Issues Faster

  • Automatically surface unusual behavior. Edge Delta bubbles up production issues and the impacted service, so you don’t have to look for "needles in the haystack."

  • Find the root cause in minutes without context switching. Correlate metric alerts to the relevant logs for faster post-detection resolution.

  • Trigger alerts at the infrastructure level, before your data leaves your environment.


Performance at Any Scale

  • Return queries in sub-seconds. Edge Delta provides a highly performant platform that is optimized for time series data.

  • Scale to any volume of data. Edge Delta is built to support the scale and high cardinality of Kubernetes environments. 

  • Collect data using eBPF to maximize performance and avoid server-side instrumentation.

Roll Out

Get Up and Running in No Time

  • Jump-start your path to complete observability. Edge Delta provides out-of-the-box views, dashboards, and alerts to help you start monitoring immediately.

  • Build custom dashboards and alerts to meet your unique needs and monitor the metrics that matter to you.

  • Drive adoption across developer and operations teams. You don’t have to be an expert, use a complex query language, or rely on “tribal knowledge” to use Edge Delta.

Frequently Asked Questions

What metrics does Edge Delta capture out of the box?

Edge Delta automatically captures the golden signals: latency, traffic, errors, and saturation. We also collect distilled versions of the kubelet, cAdvisor, node-exporter, and Kube State Metrics (KSM) libraries for each of your Kubernetes clusters.

How does Edge Delta distill the supported Kubernetes metrics libraries?

At the point of collection (i.e., the agent level), Edge Delta distills 500+ possible metrics into roughly 50. Specifically, we ingest metrics that users access most frequently, have the greatest effect on Kubernetes infrastructure health, or might want to alert on. This approach helps you monitor your applications with more control over spending and noise.

Does Edge Delta capture metrics from non-Kubernetes data sources?

At launch, Edge Delta captures metrics from only Kubernetes resources. Stay tuned: we have plans to expand support to other data sources in the coming months.

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This release is currently in public beta. To participate in the beta program, schedule a demo with one of Edge Delta's Solution Architects.