🎉 Product Launch: Edge Delta now supports ingestion of Kubernetes metrics. Read about the update here.

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About Us

We make observability better, faster, and more affordable for your team

We’re on a mission to explore the far reaches of observability.

We're like astronauts, charting a course through the vast expanse of your organization's systems and exploring new frontiers of understanding.

Think of us like a powerful telescope, helping you see the inner workings of your systems with clarity and precision. By bringing data into focus, we can help you detect anomalies and solve complex problems faster than ever before.

Leadership Team

Ozan Unlu

Founder & CEO

Fatih Yildiz

Founder & CTO

Jessica Langmaid

VP of Business Operations

Ohad Almog

VP of Customer Success

Can Bal

Head of Engineering

Dan Perez

Head of Finance

Our Mission

Make log management simple and scalable.

We believe there is a better way to do observability. A more efficient, simple, and faster way that no longer requires tough decisions regarding which datasets are valuable enough to monitor. We’re passionate about providing full visibility. We strive to help organizations achieve simple and optimized monitoring through our software, expertise, and community.

Our Vision

Be the observability platform that DevOps and developers love.

With our user-friendly interface and powerful features, we aim to be the guiding star that leads you to better decision-making and a more efficient workflow. Join us on this cosmic journey, as we explore the depths of observability and unlock the secrets of your systems.

Our Values

  • Balance & Empowerment

    We are thoughtful in our approach and execution. We take charge of decisions and output. We make time to celebrate, have fun, and recharge.

  • Integrity & Kindness

    We instill trust and equity in everything we do and build. We support one another through well-intentioned and mindful actions. We promote open and honest communication for fairness in decision-making and foster an inclusive environment.

  • Curiosity & Vision

    We enable our customers and team to be innovators. We challenge conventions to discover unexpected solutions. We iterate, reflect, and improve on everything we do.

Our Founding

The company was founded by Ozan Unlu and Fatih Yildiz in 2018. After having experienced the challenges and limitations of traditional monitoring technologies from two different perspectives, their knowledge and experience combined with recent advances in technology allowed the founding team to take a novel approach to solve immediate needs for DevOps, IT/Ops, SRE, and Security teams.

As a Dev Lead at Microsoft working on Azure and Security teams and a tenured Senior Solutions Architect at Sumo Logic, Ozan has worked with hundreds of organizations from small startups to large enterprises to help implement and improve their architecture and observability infrastructure. Fatih, a highly respected and seasoned software engineer at Microsoft and Twitter, developed and operated highly complex distributed systems at petabyte scales.

Through their experiences, they both concluded that centralizing, indexing, and storing all raw observability data, at all times, is a model that needs to be improved to support real-time and operational use cases. Their history of working on projects as engineers at Microsoft brought them back together. Today, they are passionate about working with engineering teams across the industry to learn and understand how Edge Delta can effectively solve prevalent problems in logs, traces, and metrics data sets.

Our Experience

The founding team at Edge Delta has a diverse, yet harmonious background, that’s allowed for developing novel technology in a crowded space. With engineers from Twitter, Google, Microsoft, and Sumo Logic, the team has taken the lessons learned from engineering cloud-scale technology and applied those to a cloud-scale problem – observability. The observability sophistication at these companies is necessary, yet the underlying technology and concepts apply to all organizations where customer satisfaction, uptime, reliability, and data security are of crucial importance.

Our Investors