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Resolve issues in minutes

What happens when you deploy Edge Delta?

Edge Delta makes sense of your log data and delivers automatic alerts when issues occur. It gives insights to simplify troubleshooting processes and provides transparency into application health.

  • Log Management
  • Anomaly Detection

Helping Customers Gain Complete Observability

Super League Gaming.
Taco Bell.

Fama reduced Datadog costs by 60%

"Almost immediately after turning Edge Delta on, we started seeing anomalies." Before, the engineering team had to know what patterns to look for in order to detect and alert against them with Datadog. Now, that's all handled without any manual intervention, simply by ingesting the logs through Edge Delta before the outputs hit Datadog.

Super League analyzes all log data and speeds up root cause analysis

By using Edge Delta, the Super League team can resolve issues within an hour – a process that previously took them upwards of six hours. In addition to newfound operational efficiency, the company has also optimized its data by over 99%.

Everything you need to resolve issues in minutes with Edge Delta.

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