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Vote for Edge Delta in the DevOps Dozen Awards

The 2023 DevOps Dozen voting is live now, and Edge Delta is a finalist for three awards! Make your vote count — champion Edge Delta before December 31, 2023.

What is the DevOps Dozen?

The DevOps Dozen is a series of awards handed out each year — twelve awards for commercial DevOps companies and twelve for open source or community projects. Now in its ninth year, the DevOps Dozen is chosen by the DevOps community to celebrate our industry's best, brightest, and most innovative individuals and teams. Edge Delta is thankful to be a finalist for three awards:

  • Best Observability Solution

  • Best Kubernetes Platform

  • Best Research Report


Best Observability Solution

Edge Delta is a new way to do observability. We are the only provider that processes your data as it's created and gives you the freedom to route it anywhere. As a result, you can make observability costs predictable, surface the most useful insights, and shape your data however you need.


Best Kubernetes Platform

Edge Delta helps you monitor Kubernetes resources and troubleshoot issues without compromising scale or going over budget. Our distributed architecture helps you support growing data volumes as you adopt Kubernetes. Additionally, you can view the health of your K8s resources at a glance and surface insights before data leaves your environment.


Best Research Report

At Edge Delta, we're solving the challenges of monitoring large-scale datasets. We built the Charting Observability 2023 report to help DevOps teams understand the impact of data growth at a deeper level. In the report, we quantify how much data has grown and provide evidence as to how teams are responding, from DevOps engineers to executive leadership.

Make Your Vote Count

Vote for Edge Delta in the 2023 DevOps Dozen.
Voting ends on December 31, 2023.