šŸŽ‰ Product Launch: Edge Delta now supports ingestion of Kubernetes metrics. Read about the update here.

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AWS Summit San Francisco 2022: The 15 Coolest Products

Apr 26, 2022

Intel, Fortinet, Anodot, ClearScale and Edge Delta were among the showfloor vendors in attendance at the Amazon Web Services Summit event in San Francisco last week.

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The Register

What a Mesh: Snowflake Punts Edge Tech Tie-Up at SecOps Teams

Mar 3, 2020

Cloud-native data warehouse vendor Snowflake and Edge Delta have spun up a new SecOps architecture they claim will broaden the application of analytics in a security...

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Edge Delta and Snowflake Bring Novel Approach to Solve a Growing Problem in Security and DevOps

Feb 25, 2020

It is widely accepted that data analytics insights are necessary to run a sustainable business in this modern age. Being complacent and ultimately disrupted by a competitorā€¦

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Omer Singer: Edge Computing Brings Real-Time Alerts to Security Data Lakes

Feb 4, 2020

Omer Singer discusses how innovative vendors like Edge Delta are stepping up to help security and DevOps teams realize the potential of data platforms like Snowflake.

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MaC Venture Capital

The Rise of The Edge (Delta)

Aug 28, 2019

There is a lot that can stress Nike management, but surely one such scenario is their point of sale system going down during a new product release. Thousands of customers...

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Edge Delta Raises a $3.0 Million Seed Round to Bring Federated Learning to Enterprise Devops and Security Teams

Aug 1, 2019

Edge Delta, a Seattle-based analytics startup leveraging federated learning in DevOps and Security, raised a $3.0 million seed round led by MaC Ventureā€¦

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