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Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Kubernetes

Edge Delta makes sense of your logs, delivers automatic alerts, and allows you to search 100% of data for troubleshooting. Now, you can see every issue and know how to fix it immediately

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How Edge Delta Can Help

Edge Delta makes sense of your log data and delivers automatic alerts when issues occur. It gives insights to simplify troubleshooting processes and transparency into application health.

Our goal is to make engineers’ lives easier by doing the work for them and giving you access to 100% of log data.

  • Store & Search All Logs

    Keep all logs without routing to a costly index or log store. Store all your logs in low-cost object storage and search for them at any time.

  • Understand Your Data

    Automatically analyze every log, easily visualize how your applications are behaving, and anticipate issues before they impact users.

  • Auto-Alert on Issues

    Say goodbye to building monitors for every new behavior. We differentiate between what’s normal and alert on what’s not.

Get Started in Less Than 5 Minutes

1. Create Your Account.

1. Create Your Account

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2. Deploy the Agent.

2. Deploy the Agent

Run a simple command.

3. See the Results.

3. See the Results

You’ll be up and running in minutes.

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