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Detect. Investigate. Resolve.

Log Management That's Cost-Effective at Scale

  • Log everything for $0.20 per GB.

  • Troubleshoot anything with AI insights.

  • Return queries faster than ever.


Blazing Fast Search on All Your Data

We automatically structure your logs in the OTel schema for faster investigations. Store all your logs from infrastructure, applications, clusters, and more -- all in one place. Run queries in real time.


Investigate Issues in Minutes

Resolve production issues faster than ever before. We highlight any spikes in errors and other issues. Then, we recommend the best path to resolution using AI.


Index What You Need, Summarize the Rest

Stop paying for data your team doesn't need. Edge Delta enables you to summarize and extract metrics from data pre-index. Now, you can control costs without sacrificing visibility.

Advantages of Using Edge Delta

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    No Complex Query Language

    Your team can pick up Edge Delta on the fly using Common Query Language and Auto-Complete functionality.

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    Auto-Structure Your Logs in OTel

    Say goodbye to vendor lock-in. Say hello to faster investigations. Edge Delta turns all your plaintext logs into OTel.

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    Collaborate with Your Team

    Share insights in a single click. Edge Delta enables you to share subsets of data and save queries for your team to reference.

Get Up and Running in 30 Seconds

With Edge Delta, observability works out of the box. Get set up in minutes, end ongoing toil, and gain pre-built views that make monitoring easy.

Super League Gaming Reduces Troubleshooting Times by 83%

The esports platform started using Edge Delta so their developers could access larger datasets and save time troubleshooting issues.

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See why leading engineering teams trust Edge Delta to automate observability. You'll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

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