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Observe Your Google Cloud Environment

  • Ingest everything for $0.20 per GB

  • Monitor your entire Google Cloud environment in one place

  • Track the health and performance of hosts, apps, services, VMs, containers, and more in real-time

60+ integrations, including...


Monitor Everything You Run in Google Cloud in One Place

  • Collect telemetry from all your Google Cloud services, including GCE, GKE, and more.

  • Get up and running in minutes. Monitor your services with automated analytics and no code changes.

  • Visualize the health and performance of all your VMs, clusters, and applications via out-of-the-box dashboards.

Try an Interactive Demo

Want to try Edge Delta for yourself? Go from alert to resolution in our interactive demo.


Gain End-to-End Observability for Containerized Environments

  • Gain complete visibility into your GKE environments. Collect logs and metrics from Kubernetes and Docker workloads running in Google Cloud.

  • Automatically discover, map, and monitor all your services -- even in the most distributed, ephemeral environments.

  • Control observability costs by optimizing logs and metrics pre-ingest.

Resolve Google Cloud Issues Faster

  • Optimize MTTD and MTTR with AI insights across front-end, back-end, and infrastructure layers with a single click.

  • Identify issues at a glance. Edge Delta highlights the exact components experiencing an anomaly for faster detection.

  • Track every anomalous event on a time-synchronized graph for easier investigation.


Auto-Detect Issues with Alerts Powered by AI

  • Automatically detect known and unknown production issues with AI/ML anomaly detection.

  • Proactively mitigate downtime with automated alerts on baselined datasets.

  • Control alert fatigue with anomaly scoring and alerts that account for daily, weekly, and seasonal behavior.

Google Cloud Partner.
Partner Program

Work with a Google Cloud Partner

Edge Delta is a Google Cloud Partner. Our partner status recognizes our skills and demonstrated customer success on the Google Cloud Platform.

Get Up and Running

With Edge Delta, observability works out of the box. Get set up in a flash, end ongoing toil, and gain pre-built views that make monitoring easy.