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Pipeline Status

May 2, 2023 / 0:45
Edge Delta offers an advanced data pipeline that processes log data in real time, turning vast amounts into actionable analytics for any observability platform. The Edge Delta agent, positioned at the data source, thoroughly analyzes all raw data, ensuring comprehensive database visibility without unnecessary cost-cutting measures like data sampling. Additionally, all data is preserved and easily searchable within object storage. The user-friendly pipeline status screen also provides instant insights into data optimization levels.


Edge Delta's data pipeline processes log data as it's created in real time, condensing overwhelming volumes into comprehensive analytics in your observability platform. The Edge Delta agent sits at the data source and analyzes 100% of your raw data. This way, you gain increased visibility into all of your databases without having to sample or drop data in order to cut costs. Meanwhile, all raw data is retained and searchable within object storage. The pipeline status screen communicates how much your data is being optimized by.