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Charting Observability 2023

Observability data is growing, but few have researched what that means for you – the people responsible for keeping your applications up and running. Charting Observability 2023 quantifies how data has grown over the past few years and provides insight into how other observability teams are responding.

Data is Growing

A Voyage Into Data Growth and the ROI of Monitoring

Here at Edge Delta, we’re solving the challenges of monitoring large-scale datasets. We built this report to help our team (and yours) understand these challenges on a deeper level.

After talking to 200 DevOps and SRE professionals, we learned the following:

  • Hidden costs are the norm

    98% experience overages or unexpected spikes in costs at least a few times a year.

  • Every organization discards data

    82% limit log ingestion to cut costs often or all of the time.

  • Observability ROI has gotten muddy

    84% agree that ROI has NOT grown at the same rate as costs.

Rising Costs

Surprised by Your Bill? You’re Not Alone.

We often hear customers struggle with unanticipated costs. In some cases, this is due to the many different levers a company includes in its pricing model. In others, the team might see a surprise data growth – maybe a developer forgot to turn off DEBUG, or a new service created more data than expected.

Given this trend, we hoped to measure the frequency of unanticipated costs. Are overages a once-in-a-while thing or a regular occurrence teams must plan for?

Frequency of Overages/Cost Spikes

To Drop or Not to Drop

Bigger Budgets or Bigger Blind Spots?

It’s essential to understand how companies have tried to reduce costs. Up to this point, one of the primary tactics has been to limit the amount of data ingested into the observability platform. We know from our conversations that dropping and sampling data is common. But, it has always been hard to tell how prevalent it was (until now).

How Frequently Do You Limit Which Logs Are Ingested by Your Observability Platform To Save on Costs?

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