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Charting Observability 2023

The Charting Observability 2023 report quantifies how data has grown over the past few years and provides insight into how observability teams are responding.

Data is Growing

A Voyage Into Data Growth and the ROI of Monitoring

Here at Edge Delta, we’re solving the challenges of monitoring large-scale datasets. We built this report to help our team (and yours) understand these challenges on a deeper level.

After talking to 200 DevOps and SRE professionals, we learned the following:

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    Hidden costs are the norm

    98% experience overages or unexpected spikes in costs at least a few times a year.

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    Every organization discards data

    82% limit log ingestion to cut costs often or all of the time.

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    Observability ROI has gotten muddy

    84% agree that ROI has NOT grown at the same rate as costs.

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From quantifying "exponential" log data growth to how leadership teams are looking to cut costs, the full Charting Observability 2023 Report gives a clear picture of what these trends mean for your organization and the industry.