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Edge Delta Free Edition Demo

May 2, 2023 / 3:03
Edge Delta Free Edition provides a simple experience for monitoring your applications running in Kubernetes. Reduce the noise in your log data, automate monitoring toil, and troubleshoot issues in minutes – all at no cost.


Welcome to Edge Delta free edition, the intelligent monitoring platform for applications running in Kubernetes. Today I'm going to show you around the platform. Getting started with Edge Delta free edition is fast and easy. From our website, you can create an account, then enter your cluster name here. It's prod AKs. Then I run these Helm commands to deploy, and that's pretty much it. Edge Delta will start collecting and analyzing your log data and surfacing insights to help you ensure your services are working as expected.

Here is the Kubernetes overview page. This provides a high-level overview of your Kubernetes resources and their health. The bigger the circle, the more logs the component is throwing. If a circle is red, there's an issue. Let's click into our notification service to see what's going on.

Here is a view of the anomaly in the notification service. In this view, we'll show you all the negative log messages associated with the anomaly. For every anomaly like this, we also automatically generate an alert. Let's go investigate this a little bit further and drill into the patterns view.

Here is the main patterns page. Patterns are a concept throughout Edge Delta where we group every log line into an aggregate or pattern of recurring behavior. Assuming log data in this manner allows you to understand each message without sifting through hundreds of thousands of log lines. Now I can easily see what's happening and for how long. It looks like several error and fatal messages were generated with a huge increase during this window starting at 12:39. If we wanted to drill into one of these further, we could look at the trend of these patterns over time. We can also see samples of the raw data making up the patterns. If we right-click one of these log messages and show in context, it'll bring us to the raw data in search.

Patterns are super helpful when you want to check in on what's happening in your environment, but there are also times when you need your raw data, like during an investigation. After you deploy Edge Delta, all raw logs are sent into our Amazon S3 Bucket. From directly within our platform, you can search on this data. All raw data is retained for seven days under the free tier. Here I'm going to search for 'error' to bring up the error messages during this time window. On the left, I can use these checkboxes to isolate messages from our notification service.

Edge Delta free edition gives developer and operations teams a fast and easy way to monitor their services running in Kubernetes, and it's 100 percent free up to 10 gigabytes per day. Try the platform out for yourself at