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Edge Delta Product Overview

Mar 21, 2023 / 3:04
Welcome to Edge Delta – the platform that helps DevOps, SRE and developers simplify log management, streamline troubleshooting processes and route data to other observability platforms. Learn about platform features such as the Kubernetes Overview, Data Pipeline Status, Insights and more.


[Speaker] Welcome to Edge Delta, the platform that helps DevOps, SRE, and developer teams simplify log management, streamline troubleshooting processes, and route data to other observability platforms. (soft upbeat music) (computer dings)

This is the Kubernetes overview page where you can observe a high level of your environment. Edge Delta automatically detects your Kubernetes resources and presents them in this view so you can understand the health of your clusters, pods and containers. The bigger the circle, the more logs the resource is creating. If a circle is red, there is an issue occurring. Here, you can quickly access the insights needed to troubleshoot issues quickly. (soft upbeat music) (computer dings)

Edge Delta's data pipeline processes log data as it's created in real-time, condensing overwhelming volumes into comprehensive analytics in your observability platform. The Edge Delta agent sits at the data source. It analyzes 100% of your raw data. This way, you gain increased visibility into all of your databases without having to sample or drop data in order to cut costs. Meanwhile, all raw data is retained and searchable within object storage. The pipeline status screen communicates how much your data is being optimized by. (soft upbeat music) (computer dings)

Our patterns Page helps you cut through the noise. You can see how every raw log event is aggregated into a specific pattern. This summarized view gives an accurate representation of your entire environment. So high-volume log patterns don't drown out less frequent ones. This screen helps you spot new behaviors and quickly understand if anything has changed in your environment without having to know what to look for. You can observe each pattern by count, percentage of total, change within the previous period and sentiment. For instance, this log takes up 20% of what you ingest. You can understand what the message is communicating without indexing every event. (soft upbeat music) (computer dings)

On the Insights page, you have the ability to observe Kubernetes events within an environment, see any updates that have occurred, and understand how they're affecting the metrics you track. Here is also where you can investigate anomalies and see the raw data that contributed to the event. Edge Delta helps you reduce alert fatigue by automatically notifying your team only when there is a high likelihood of an anomaly. With each alert, Edge Delta shows the data, affected components, and other context to speed up the troubleshooting process. With the data volumes growing exponentially, companies shouldn't have to sacrifice large sums of data in order to meet cost restrictions. Edge Delta is the log data solution that brings more efficiency long term.