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Super League Case Study

Mar 20, 2023 / 2:30
Super League Gaming is an esports platform and content engine that connects players of all backgrounds worldwide. The company redesigned its approach to observability, using Edge Delta in tandem with its Grafana stack. Now, the company can analyze 100% of its log data, automatically visualize the datasets, and determine the root cause of issues in a fraction of the time.


I'm Justin Head, VP of DevOps at Super League. I oversee the DevOps position, as well as security. The main objective for the DevOps team here at Super League has been rebuilding and revamping our entire developer platform. It's a Greenfield environment, which means we have the opportunity to introduce new technology and truly make our mark on the direction the company takes in the future.

One significant move we made was to look at Edge Delta to augment our Loki within our Prometheus and Grafana stack. The major advantage of using Edge Delta in tandem with Prometheus and Loki is the integration of machine learning and anomaly detection. This gives us comprehensive summaries and offers our developers a clearer insight. For the first time, they can see what was producing the most logs, identifying the primary sources of errors, and determining what specifically changed during any incidents. This is vital, as our goal is to identify issues proactively, rather than reacting when our players point out problems.

In our first week of deploying Edge Delta, we saw immediately useful data. We even had an outage during that time, and Edge Delta helped us identify the issues hours faster than we would have without it. Before integrating Edge Delta, we would spend up to six hours trying to identify which service was causing a particular problem. One specific incident that Edge Delta helped us pinpoint swiftly was a Java error related to connection limits. Without Edge Delta, that would have taken us significantly longer to diagnose. However, with its assistance, we quickly identified the exact service causing the error and directed our developers to resolve it.

The most surprising aspect when we deployed Edge Delta was its ability to compress the data by 99%. This gave us an unparalleled visibility into our entire log pipeline. My primary role is to make the lives of developers easier. If there's a product, like Edge Delta, that can achieve that, it's a significant win for me.

I'd recommend taking a look at Edge Delta, especially if you're struggling with ingesting all your logs or spending too much time hunting down issues manually. Edge Delta will save you and your team countless hours by surfacing anomalies and making all the relevant data readily accessible.