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[Ignite Podcast] Future of Data Analytics: The Challenges of Tracing and Observability

May 7, 2024 / 3 minute read

Last week, our CEO and founder, Ozan Unlu joined the Ignite Podcast with Brian Bell. Listen in to hear about observability and its crucial role in shaping the world of data.


Join us as we unravel the future of data analytics with Ozan Unlu, the founder of Edge Delta, and Brian Bell, the founder of Team Ignite Ventures. From challenging tracing processes to the evolution of data analytics, we delve into the revolutionary concept of observability and its crucial role in shaping the world of data.

Topics Covered

The Challenge of Tracing

Tracing involves the daunting task of grouping a multitude of individual events, logs, and messages, making it a complex endeavor. Its novelty in comparison to logs and metrics adds to the complexity, creating a less mature landscape across organizations. Edge Delta, under the guidance of Ozan Unlu, tackles the challenge of large datasets and immaturity in the space, aiming to redefine the way organizations approach data analytics.

Data Analytics Evolution

The evolution of data analytics from handling gigabytes to terabytes per minute has revolutionized traditional platforms. With the rise of massive data influx, there's a growing need to future-proof analytics for the new era of data abundance. Edge Delta emerges as a frontrunner in redefining data querying and analysis, adapting to the changing landscape and setting new benchmarks in data analytics.

Nurturing Innovation and Transitioning

Ozan Unlu's transition from Boeing to Microsoft, during the rise of AWS and the evolution into Azure, sheds light on the significance of motivation in an individual's performance evaluation. His unique journey, from a technologist to a sales rep, exemplifies the impact of embracing new opportunities and problem-solving, with a focus on identifying gaps and driving change. This transition, coupled with a deliberate team-building approach, served as the founding story of Edge Delta.

Adapting to Change and Early Stage Fundraising

The shift to remote work, alongside the formation of social pods in the office setting, showcases Edge Delta's adaptability and resilience in the face of challenges. With valuable insights into early-stage fundraising, the journey from the initial idea to building a team resonates with aspiring entrepreneurs, offering strategic guidance and fostering a deeper understanding of the startup landscape.

Unlocking Observability with Edge Delta

Edge Delta's emphasis on data analytics and observability underscores the importance of providing high-quality and reliable solutions to its growing customer base. Championing advanced observability capabilities, automated insights, and pipeline differentiation, Edge Delta's presence on major cloud marketplaces positions them as leaders in the realm of advanced data analytics offerings.

The Future of Data Analytics and Beyond

As we delve deeper into the future of data analytics, Ozan Unlu fosters a conversation on real-time data curation for AI models, envisioning a world where AI innovation accelerates at an exponential rate. The discussion navigates through challenges surrounding data curation, the gradual acceptance of AI recommendations, and the potential of AI technologies impacting humanity's history in monumental ways.


Ozan Unlu's insightful journey and Edge Delta's pioneering approach to data analytics leave a lasting impression. Embracing change, fostering innovation, and redefining the future of data analytics, Edge Delta stands as a beacon of transformative solutions in an evolving landscape. Witness the convergence of technology and human ingenuity with Edge Delta's visionary strides in the realm of data analytics.


Sarah Duffy

Marketing Director

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