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Webinar Recap: Monitor Kubernetes the Easy Way with Edge Delta Free

Dec 13, 2022 / 3 minute read

Here are the main takeaways from the Edge Delta Free product launch webinar.

This past month, we launched Edge Delta Free – the easiest way to monitor your applications running in Kubernetes. Last week, our team hosted a webinar where we talked through the reasons we built the platform and provided an in-depth demo.

You can watch the full webinar below.

In this blog, we’ll recap the Key Takeaways from the webinar.

Applications Running in Kubernetes Require a New Observability Approach

As we were developing Edge Delta Free Edition, we spoke with several teams spanning different sizes and backgroudns. In these discussions, it became clear that many DevOps and developer teams were moving to Kubernetes. However, it was also apparent that many of these teams were running into roadblocks when it came to observability and monitoring.

That’s because observability platforms…

  • …become cost-prohibitive as log volumes explode.
  • …require tons of manual effort to monitor each layer of a Kubernetes cluster.
  • …can’t keep up with the pace at which teams deploy software.

Our team thought deeply into these challenges and has developed a new way to gain observability into Kubernetes environments.

Edge Delta’s Automated Analytics Solve These Challenges in a Unique Way

If you’re familiar with Edge Delta, you likely know our platform due to our observability pipeline offering. What makes our pipelines so unique is the fact that we automatically analyze log data as it’s created at the source. This approach provides visibility into datasets that might otherwise be neglected and gives teams more control over what they index.

For these analytics to be useful when supporting this real-time use case, they must be highly automated and work without any manual intervention. And, when we spoke to customers, we found that these traits added significant value on their own – not only when they’re used for routing data to another platform.

Because of this feedback, we’ve adapted our analytics to support standalone observability for applications running in Kubernetes. As a result, teams can understand how their services are behaving in production without spending time building and maintaining monitors, rules-based alerts, or the other logic teams typically have to create.

Edge Delta Free Provides a Complete Featureset to Tackle Application Monitoring

To tackle the additional use case of observability for applications running in Kubernetes, we have built a complete feature set that adds value to teams of all sizes. This includes:

  • Intelligent Log Analytics that allow you to understand the behavior of each layer in your Kubernetes clusters, without manual effort.
  • Out-of-the-Box Visualizations that adapt to your services, so you can keep up with deployment velocity.
  • Object Storage-based Backend + Search, providing a more sustainable and cost-effective way to store your log data.
  • Automated Anomaly Detection and Alerting that deliver alerts faster and with higher quality.

We hope you enjoy the webinar. If you’d like to try out Edge Delta Free, you can sign up here.

Riley Peronto

Director of Product Marketing

Matt Miller

Director of Field Engineering

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