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Use Case

Kubernetes Monitoring


  • Ingest everything for $0.20 per GB

  • Hit the ground running with automated alerting and pre-built dashboards

  • Track the health of your EKS, GKE, and AKS environments from a single pane

Super League Gaming.
“We don’t need a specific observability team working to configure Edge Delta. It’s easy to set up and it just works.”
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Bruno da Silva Verch
Cloud Engineer Specialist, Agi
“We just canceled our Datadog contract, saving over $50,000 a year. The era of logging and monitoring SaaS charging extreme prices and companies paying is over.”
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Brendten Eickstaedt
CTO, Fama
“Edge Delta brings us good alerts and insights in a simpler manner to help us troubleshoot the whole issue.”
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Rafael Bruno de Almeida
Senior Tech Manager, Inter

Gain complete visibility across your Kubernetes resources

  • Automatically identify and map your Kubernetes resources.

  • View the health of each component and see a “t-shirt” size of its data.

  • Drill down into individual components for easier investigation.

Try an Interactive Demo

Want to try Edge Delta for yourself? Go from alert to resolution in our interactive demo.

Monitor distributed environments with ease

  • Collect the “golden signals” and known metrics libraries with no code changes.

  • Correlate metrics alerts to the relevant logs without context switching.

  • Automatically surface anomalies – with Edge Delta, you don’t have to look for "needles in the haystack."


Store and search 100% of your logs

  • Support larger data volumes. Edge Delta is cost-effective and performant at scale.

  • Easily locate the data you need with auto-structured logging and no complex query language.

  • Simplify your troubleshooting workflow. Edge Delta groups repetitive logs into patterns and flags any anomalies.

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Get Up and Running Fast

With Edge Delta, observability works out of the box. Get set up in minutes, end ongoing toil, and gain pre-built views that make monitoring easy.