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May 2, 2023 / 0:52
The patterns page aggregates raw log events into specific patterns, offering a clear overview of your environment. This ensures that high-frequency log patterns don't overshadow less common ones. The interface aids in identifying new behaviors and detecting changes in the environment swiftly. Additionally, patterns can be analyzed based on their count percentage, change from the previous period, and sentiment, simplifying the message without the need to index each event.


Our patterns page helps you cut through the noise. You can see how every raw log event is aggregated into a specific pattern. This summarized view gives an accurate representation of your entire environment so high volume log patterns don't drown out less frequent ones.

This screen helps you spot new behaviors and quickly understand if anything has changed in your environment without having to know what to look for. You can observe each pattern by count, percentage of total change within the previous period, and sentiment. For instance, this log takes up 20% of what you ingest. You can understand what the message is communicating without indexing every event.