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Introducing Visual Pipelines

Jul 12, 2023 / 0:29
Introducing Visual Pipelines: A Better Way to Manage Observability Pipelines

Through a single, point-and-click interface, you can…

- Build pipelines, including the data source, data processing functions (“Processors”), and streaming destinations.

- Test and iterate upon pipelines without having to deploy (and redeploy).

- Monitor pipeline health and ensure every component is working as expected.

Visual Pipelines is available now with a limited feature set within Edge Delta Free. Additionally, you can try the complete feature set at no cost by working with our engineering team.


Meet Visual Pipelines, a single point-and-click interface where you can build pipelines, including data sources, data processing functions, and streaming destinations. Test and iterate without having to deploy and redeploy, and monitor pipeline health to ensure all components are working as expected. Try it for free at edgedelta.com.