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Private Beta

Introducing Hybrid Log Search

Run queries from the Edge Delta SaaS interface, without data leaving your environment.

How it Works

Search Your Data Store from Our Web Interface

Deploy search infrastructure in your environment by running a simple command.

  • Route all requests to a local API only, ensuring data never leaves your “four walls”

  • Automatically receive the latest and greatest front-end updates

  • Omit health metrics to simplify platform management

SaaS Simplicity Meets Data Privacy

Edge Delta Hybrid Log Search is designed for medium-to-large enterprises in highly regulated industries. It delivers a new log search experience that protects your data and removes the management burden of legacy self-hosted offerings.

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    Protect Sensitive Data

    Meet data security requirements, control where your data resides, and ensure sensitive data stays within your “four walls.”

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    Reduce TCO

    Leverage Edge Delta’s optimized storage and eliminate egress charges to drive new levels of efficiency compared to legacy providers.

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    Simplify Management

    Receive automatic updates and ongoing support for a simpler experience than self-hosted logging platforms.

Join the Private Beta

Combine the management ease of SaaS with the data protection and cost-efficiency of self-hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ensure my data stays private?

After the deployment process, Edge Delta runs as a single-page application in your browser.

From this page, we will verify you are a Hybrid Log Search customer.

From there, all subsequent requests are sent from your browser to the on-premise API only.

No data is ever returned to our SaaS backend.

How do I receive the latest SaaS updates?

When you use Hybrid Log Search, you receive the same great experience as our SaaS Log Search offering. Every time you log in to Edge Delta, it will run as a single-page application that authenticates you are a Hybrid Log Search user.

When you authenticate, you’ll also receive the latest and greatest front-end updates.

Does Hybrid Log Search work with all cloud providers?

At launch, Hybrid Log Search integrates with AWS/Amazon S3 only. We will begin supporting additional cloud providers and storage targets at a later date.

Save Your Spot in Private Beta

If you work in a highly regulated or generate large volumes of data, we highly encourage you to try Hybrid Log Search for yourself.

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